Tim Jacobs continues Ocean Series dominance with a win at the 20 Beaches race

Sunday, 19-Dec-10 22:32:17 UTC

After a disappointing race in Dubai two weeks previously I was determined to not finish the season on a low note.
Life had been really busy after Dubai trying to catch up on everything work related that I missed while I was away but I got a couple of good nights sleep leading into the race and also some good training paddles.
Race day I was ‘on’, my energy was back and I had a feeling that it was going to be a good race.
Standing on the sand at Palm Beach the wind defied what the forecasters were predicting and every minute we waiting the wind swung more and more North, perfect.
With minimal swell around we were going to be chasing small 2 foot wind chop the whole way down to Long Reef and then cross chop to Freshwater.
The start was even enough for everyone and we were in the runs from the first stroke.
Jeremy Cotter went out fast with Murray Stewart and Tate Smith close behind.
From my first stroke I felt comfortable, wasn’t rushing anything and was feeling strong through the water. (no rollercoaster’s before this race).
By the time we hit Whale Beach headland 3km in I only had Jeremy in front of me and from there we set our own lines heading for Long Reef. My line was wider than Jezza’s but we were trading run for run 100-200m apart.
The runs lined up perfectly for a straight push wide around Long Reef headland and the ‘croc’ didn’t miss a run, popping over and down everything in it’s path.
My race plan was to stay even with the front contenders up until Long Reef and then drop the hammer and head for home. I had extra incentive this year due to the fact that we were finishing at my home beach, Freshwater.
From the race reports I pulled away around North Narrabeen, about 3km before Long Reef but I was comfortable and why not hit Longy with a lead?
The runs stood up for me and I couldn’t miss them.
As long as I didn’t miss a run I knew that they would not be able to catch me, I was sitting around 17+km/h and they would have to be pulling 18 or more to be catching.
Long Reef I had about 100m and this was now my home stretch of water. 6km to go and a course that I paddle nearly everyday when the wind is right.
The course and conditions got more technical after Long Reef as the wind was coming over our right shoulder pushing us wide when we wanted to start cutting in.
I didn’t look around from here, if they were catching me at this pace I didn’t have much more to give, I had the last turning can in my sights and didn’t want to loose it from here.
My work paid off and my lead had increased to a couple of hundred metres with 1km too go.
A tough last kilometre, punching into a 20knot head wind.
The finish could not come soon enough after 23.5km I had the race won by just over 1 minute.
Six from six undefeated races in the Ocean Series, not a bad way to go.
Post race, time for a quick break, my brother Pete’s bucks party till 3.30am then up with the kids at 6.30am.
Next race on the calendar is the last of the Fenn Cup races in January and then the Doctor World Cup the following week in Perth.
Lets see if I can get the monkey off my back in that race.

Thanks everyone and have a great Christmas.



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