The Viper 55 Ski

Sunday, 11-Mar-12 20:12:15 UTC

Following the success of the Viper series as one of the most popular fitness boats in the world, Nelo has decided to launch a ski version of the Viper 55 - the Viper Ski.

The Viper Ski has all the advantages of the standard viper with great stability, great performance and with the changes applied it also became a good surfing machine: it’s stable in the surf, it can push through small runs and big runs, and it is a great boat for beginners or advanced paddlers that wish to start their surfski career.

Discover the Viper 55 Ski


Besides the proven hull of the Viper 55, the Viper Ski has also introduced some new features such as the handles, a very comfortable seat, an easily adjustable foot-rest, a specific rudder for surf and, of course, the new one piece construction from Nelo allowing boats ranging from 7.5kg to 12kg.

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