Summer Challenge 2012 Journal | 31/08

Friday, 31-Aug-12 08:26:01 UTC

Eirik Larsen

Fresh from your Olympic title, you think you can pull the same trick in surfskiing?
No, I don’t. I tried surfski sometimes and I know it’s very different from flatwater racing. And also I haven’t trained anything since the Olympics, so I don’t have my hopes up there.

Do you see many flatwater paddlers transitioning to surfski? Maybe in later stages of their careers?
Yeah, I think that for people that still want to train and keep in shape, the flatwater guys, it’s a good way to travel the world and have fun in the competition. It’s a totally different competition and you are always on the beach, so it’s more like a vacation, and its easier to bring your family along, so for sure I think I a lot of the flatwater guys that stopped sprint canoeing can go to surfski.

You came to Nelo’s training center in Portugal in your preparation for the games. It seemed to work so do you recommend it?
For sure! It’s a really nice place, the lake is really big and no waves for motorboats or other paddlers and accommodation is also perfect. So if you want a place that has good facilities and you can focus on your training and nothing else it’s for sure the place to go.


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