Race 001 brief debrief

Friday, 27-Aug-10 18:51:51 UTC

Changing the start time, was without a doubt one of the best decisions made by the organizers.

After a mild morning the conditions turned into a 2 mt swell and 20 knots wind both lining up. making it nearly perfect conditions.

After the start on the beach, Ken Wallace and David Smith stormed to the Hotspot, with Wallace just taking Smith on the line. After that Tim Jacobs, Jasper Mocke and Jacob Clear joined in and were close together and even in the end of the 10 km they were not more 90 sec apart.

In the girls race Bridgitte Hartley took the hotspot, but than Michelle Eray, putted outther all her boat skills to voertake Bridgitte and Bernardette Wallace.

More of the video and GPS tracking will be on line tonight, as will do the interviews and first reactions.

Unfortunately live streaming did not cooperate with the conditions, but soon the video from the many cameras used for the coverage will be on line soon.

Back tomorrow for more and hopefully some on line live action.


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