Nelo Teams Challenge - The Doctor 2011 (Updated)

Monday, 13-Dec-10 22:28:52 UTC article:

The big news for those competing in The Doctor is that Nelo have come on boards as the Naming Sponsor for the Teams Challenge (NTC).  This means that the biggest name in flatwater now joins the biggest name in ocean racing (Fenn) as the major craft sponsors of this years event.

How does it work?

Competitors are deemed to be from the State or Country in which they first raced competitively in their chosen dicipline.
The best 4 results from any state or country will count towards the NTC points. So the teams are selected post event.

Points are derived from the following categories.
- Open Male
- Open Female
- Over 40 Male/Female
- Under 20 Male/Female
- SUP unlimited/Male/Female

For example:
- NSW gets a win in the Under 20 male (1 point) 2nd and 3rd in the Open Female ( 2 and 3 points) and a 5th in the SUP male (5 points)  = Total 11 points
- South Africa win the Open male (1 point), win the SUP male (1 point), 8th and 9th in the Under 20 male (8 and 9 points)  = Total 19 points
- WA wins the Open female (1 point), 2nd in the SUP male (2 points), 2nd Open male (2 points) and wins the SUP female (1 point) = Total 6 points

The team with the lowest points win, so WA win the Nelo Teams Challenge , good work WA Champs!

1st Team $3,000
2nd Team $1,200
3rd Team $800

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