Nelo SS2 double ski

Monday, 03-Dec-12 00:20:11 UTC

Going out in the ocean is an awesome experience, that few can enjoy. We worked on making that minority bigger with the faster, slimmer skis, but also some wider but still fast skis, giving anyone a chance to have a boat for its needs on their own!

But shouldn’t such an amazing “rollercoaster without brakes” experience be shared? Yes, and that is exactly what we are giving everyone a chance to do! On the double ski you will be able to share with someone those amazing runs and links you are getting!

Being in 2013 a demo event in the Worlds, our aim was to develop the fastest possible boat, a true winner in the same line as our racing kayaks and skis! So basically the fastest boat out there.

The double will also be the entry point for many new paddlers, and even if this is the racing version, an easier learning boat is coming out soon as well, allowing an experienced paddler to show some less experienced paddlers some serious knowledge and speed.

SS2 details


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