Sean Rice Summer Challenge Report

Wednesday, 26-Sep-12 12:11:04 UTC

“It was Nelo Summer Challenge time again! This is like I’ve said before, the “ROCK STAR” event of the year.”

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Race Report | Day 1

Monday, 10-Sep-12 20:24:15 UTC

As race organizers it is hard to write up about our own events, so i will just say that we did our best, and in the end of the day we believe we can do better, and we will!

Now to the fun part! The wind came in and helped us by giving everyone a chance of experiencing some awesome downwind conditions and even some more extreme downwind conditions (with 25kts+), the swell was pretty small and ended up being a good thing.

For Race day we had a normal west europe summer afternoon with the north wind blowing solid after lunch.

Race started on the beach in a Le Mans style, where the average heart rate was over 180 bpm. 170 crafts took off after the go into a show of colour, noise and power! After all there was 2250 Euros at stake just 1,3 km from there! The Le Mans style start ( run from behind your boat and jump into it) was hard for the less experienced paddlers and for the sprinters, making that the surf ski specialists took off like bullets leaving the peloton behind.

Sean Rice RSA was the first one to get to the hot spot, followed closely by Ken Wallace AUS and Jasper Mocke RSA, into a solid 15 kts wind they managed to average close to 12,5 km/h, the pack was compact and there was not more than 27 seconds from 1st to 10th.

Teneale Hatton NZ was the first girl touching the turning mark one in 6.53 an impressive overall standing (less than 10sec behind the top 10) and above all a 20 seconds lead over B. Gomes POR and 30 over Michele Eray RSA.

After that a 8.1 km downwind with good runs and wind, that allowed the top paddlers facing a small current to average close to 17 km/h, the fastest downwind paddler was again Dawid Mocke SA that closed the gap to the leaders and was changing leads with Jasper Mocke RSA all the way to turning point 2 dropping Sean Rice and Ken Wallace that paid the price for that early sprint, Max Hoff and Bill Bain that were in the top 10 also struggled to keep the pace into the second part of the race. Behind the front trio it was Dane Sloss AUS that moved from the 7th to 4th and David Smith AUS that moved from 16th to 6th, that called the shots and taking the best out of every run to recover places.

Michele Eray RSA is the most well known Lady ski paddler in the world, and she proved why, after injury and being 30 sec behind at turning point 1, she scored an impressive 34.08 getting over 1 minute in this leg to Teneale Hatton to lead with a 35 sec advantage leading to the last stretch. Beatriz Gomes lost track of Michele and Teneale but being a non experienced paddler she did a great job.

800 meters rounding the reef into the beach that was all that was left, that said the map, but the map did not have the side wind and runs…....making those 800 mt a challenge to all the paddlers.

Jasper Mocke and Dawid Mocke turned at the same time but chose different lines, Jasper chose to go more straight using the runs but landing further away from the finish, Dawid took a closer line but getting himself more side ways into the wind, in the end they both worked and it was a tighter finish than the times transmit, as Dawid took the pedal out in the beach running as he saw Japer crossing the line. Sean Rice came in 3rd not far behind but also with a good lead over Dane Sloss and Ken Wallace. Close finish for 6th, 7th and 8th, with Joep Bakel NED finishing as first European followed Europe wise by Walter Bouzan ESP in 9th (double marathon world champion K2).

Jasper Mocke

The crowd cheering Jasper on his last meters

The girls managed to keep more or less the same distance and positions, with Michele Eray RSA taking first place (sole double winner of the NSC), Teneale Hatton NZL and Beatriz Gomes POR.

Michele Eray

Michele finishes her race

The full report of the results are on our website, you can also check the race analysis to see how and when it all happened.

Pictures and videos in the galleries, and our team preparing for the 2013 edition, that will also be the first ever WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in OCEAN RACING!!!!


“I can’t wait for next year”

Sunday, 09-Sep-12 21:07:25 UTC

Michele ErayMichele blogs her take on the Nelo Summer Challenge 2012.

“I haven’t that much fun on a tour in a long time! Beach parties, racing, beach runs, great coffee, great vibes, awesome people… I can’t wait for next year”


Chloe Bunnett NSC 2012 experience

Thursday, 06-Sep-12 13:53:11 UTC

imageChloe shares her experience on the Nelo Summer Challenge 2012:


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Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 21:50:04 UTC

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