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Friday, 31-Aug-12 23:39:13 UTC

Summer Challenge 2012 Journal | 31/08

Friday, 31-Aug-12 08:26:01 UTC

Eirik Larsen

Fresh from your Olympic title, you think you can pull the same trick in surfskiing?
No, I don’t. I tried surfski sometimes and I know it’s very different from flatwater racing. And also I haven’t trained anything since the Olympics, so I don’t have my hopes up there.

Do you see many flatwater paddlers transitioning to surfski? Maybe in later stages of their careers?
Yeah, I think that for people that still want to train and keep in shape, the flatwater guys, it’s a good way to travel the world and have fun in the competition. It’s a totally different competition and you are always on the beach, so it’s more like a vacation, and its easier to bring your family along, so for sure I think I a lot of the flatwater guys that stopped sprint canoeing can go to surfski.

You came to Nelo’s training center in Portugal in your preparation for the games. It seemed to work so do you recommend it?
For sure! It’s a really nice place, the lake is really big and no waves for motorboats or other paddlers and accommodation is also perfect. So if you want a place that has good facilities and you can focus on your training and nothing else it’s for sure the place to go.


Provisional Start List for Race 001

Thursday, 30-Aug-12 14:09:42 UTC

Summer Challenge 2012 Journal | 30/08

Thursday, 30-Aug-12 10:04:32 UTC

How do you feel being the youngest international paddler here?
Pretty excited! It’s good to get to race the Olympic sprint paddlers and the other really good paddlers like the Mocke brothers and Sean Rice. Just excited to be able to race with them and follow what they do.

Are you using this race as a preparation for the Worlds you are going to have next month?
Yeah, Marathon Worlds is in two weeks time in Rome so I tought I would came here a couple of weeks earlier and use this as a training, a sort of warm up and also look for next year for the 2012 World Surfski Championships.

You do both, marathon and surfski?
I’m a sprint paddler, and from a surfski lifesaving background back in Australia, so I do a lot of surfskiing, a lot in the ocean, a bit of marathon paddling because I won marathon juniors last year.

What did you thought of Portugal as a surfski venue?
It’s good! A little bit choppy today, and the direction of the wind and the swell were a bit confusing, but it definitely showed promising for tomorrow. So, if it the wind direction turn a little bit then it should be a really good downwind race.


Summer Challenge 2012 Journal | 29/08

Wednesday, 29-Aug-12 09:19:21 UTC

Dawid Mocke

What are your main goals for this year’s Summer Challenge?
My main goals for this year’s Summer Challenge is to improve my position by one position. Also, I think this is a great event in Europe, also the fact that it have really good ocean conditions and I’m seeing this as a preparation for the big race next year and try to learn as much as possible about this coast line

Surfski will have its first World Championship next year. Do you see surfski having an increasingly greater impact on the canoeing world?
The first ICF Surfski Championship next year is certainly going to have an impact on the canoeing world. Certainly the Surfski World Series we’ve had in the last 4 years did a lot to grow the sport and I think having the ICF put up a World Championship is a step to make the sport more prominent.
In a couple of years time we will see how it all works out. Hopefully they maintain consistency and if everything goes consistently well it’s going to improve.

Brother vs brother. Have you made any bet with Jasper about who wins who?
Racing my brother in the last couple of races has been really really fun, and we haven’t made any bets between ourselves. Obviously we race as competitors but it’s been great to have my brother to train with, and of course for him as well. It’s great to have someone like him to, as they say “Iron sharpens iron”, so one man sharpens another, so it’s been good for us to have this racing sort of rivalry and I really really enjoyed it. And I’m going to miss him because he’s going to spend three months in Europe, now, so…


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