Tim Jacobs on being part of the NELO Ski Team and the new Ocean Skis

Wednesday, 21-Dec-11 22:30:06 UTC

How long have you been in surf ski racing for?
I have been paddling Ocean Skis since the age of 18 when I did my first Molokai in 1996.

How long have you been paddling in a NELO ski?
I have been paddling a Nelo Ocean Ski for the last 2 seasons, 2010-...

In 3 words, describe your experience thus far in a NELO?
Fast, Comfortable, Fast

What do you think of the new 2011/2012 version of the NELO Ski? What do you think are the greatest improvements from its predecessors?
The new modifications that have been made to the Nelo ski’s make it a more user friendly craft, more comfortable without taking anything away from the performance and speed of the boat.
The strength and durability of the boat has also been improved.

Why would you recommend NELO to the other surf ski paddlers?
The Nelo Ocean Ski is the most comfortable ski on the market and the best all round ski for all conditions.
When your buy a Nelo you are also buying quality that no one else can deliver.

The latest versions of NELO’s Ocean Ski range aim to be more comfortable and easier to use.Main Improvements:

1. Shape -  small volume corrections in the front and stern, giving it a better sense of balance and even better surf abilities
2. New cockpit design with extra leg drive and heel room, including a more efficient drainage system.
3. Better seat with smoother and more comfortable position
4. New footrest and footrest rails system for easier and accurate adjustment (similar to the racing kayak system)
5. New rudders specially designed for big ocean conditions, guided by an easy adjustable stainless steel cable system.


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