The Doctor 2011 - Awesome Finish (video)

Wednesday, 02-Feb-11 23:02:12 UTC

The Doctor 2011 - Full Race Video

Wednesday, 02-Feb-11 23:00:34 UTC

Tim Jacobs The Doctor Report

Wednesday, 02-Feb-11 20:53:36 UTC

Team Nelo had set up camp early in Scarbourgh 4 days before the Doctor world Cup Race in Perth, Australia.
The days leading up to the race we had some epic downwind paddles, sitting back and doing not much as we linked up run after run, surfing up the coast on our training paddles.

Race day The Doctor got up early and was expected to blow around 20-25km/hr.
The fast ferry across to Rottnest Island was cramped to say the least with just over 270 race entrants. Great to see so many people supporting the race that consistently has great downwind conditions. Over 100 of those entrants were from out of state and international paddlers.

The speed demons were at it from the start of the race with a hot spot 1km into the race. I actually thought I was in with a chance until with 400m to go Kenny came past me like I was standing still. Kenny’s new Nelo ski taking him to an easy win at the hot spot and then setting him up in the lead for the first 3km until we could catch him.

There were runs a plenty as soon as we turned the hot spot marker and set a course for Observation City and the Fairway buoy 11km across the channel.

From previous years the winner of the race had taken a more inside line to the finish, using the ocean currents to push them on a more direct line to Sorrento. So this was my tactic.
Bruce Taylor led the race from about 4km and held anywhere between a 50 to 200m lead over the rest of the field.
I was consistently paddling in second or third, trading places with Dawid Mocke.
I didn’t look around in the race but Jasper Mocke and Shannon Eckstein were never too far behind.
The runs were great, offering plenty of time to rest and surf onto the next with minimal effort.

During the race I stayed relaxed and didn’t think about anyone behind me, only who was in front.
In previous years I had never finished better than 8th in this race and I was mentally not expecting much more. As the race went on I found myself closer and closer to the front.
At 20km Bruce and Dawid put in an effort and put together some great runs to gap me up to 200m. I started to stress but made myself relax and the results were immediate. I put together more runs and found myself gaining on them again.
Coming down to the last 4km I knew that it was time to make a move, now or never and I much prefer the ‘now’ option and not regret it later.
I was still about 400m to the inside of Bruce with Dawid somewhere behind me. I felt confident in my line and put the belief in that my line was better.
As the current and runs pushed me in a more direct line to Sorrento Beach I was taking ground off Bruce with every stroke.

At 400m out from the finish, mine and Bruces lines crossed and we found ourselves side by side with only a metre separating us.
I actually didn’t think that it was Bruce out in front and that is why I had to look twice as you see in the video.
On every run and bump I went right and Bruce went left trying to pull over the next run infront and get a few vital metres but neither of us could get the upper hand, continually coming back together side by side and that is the way it stayed until the final push onto the beach.
The rating went up and the power came on as we both tried to paddle over a broken wave infont of us.
I pushed hard and got the ski over it but immediatly thought that Bruce had been more fortunate in not getting over and getting the better run over it later as his speed increased closer to shore and came back.
All I had was half a metre on Bruce as we got off our ski’s but for me that was enough. My jump off felt clean and I didn’t look around, my head was down and I was pumping my legs and arms hard to get everything that I could out of them.
Soft sand running is hard at the best of times but after 27.5km of paddling it feels like you are running on a treadmill and not getting anywhere.
After 15 metres Bruce had not come past and I knew that it was my, the adrenaline was pumping and I knew that I had broken him.

I have been in close finishes before but this was one of the best, with the crowd cheering us on on the beach it was an awesome feeling to run across the line first.

Who would have thunk it after my previous races that I have had in Perth.



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