Breizh Ocean Racing Day 2 - Brief Report

Sunday, 14-Nov-10 13:31:29 UTC

The wait was worth and the conditions today were amazing for Surf Ski!

After a beach start the competitors headed to a buoy 3,5 km with side tail wind, before turning into 13 km of straight perfect downwind, and only than the conditions were not great as they had to paddle with strong chop and wind from the side, to a beach finish. The wind was up to 20-25 knots with no ocean swell, but big wind swell that took the paddlers on some amazing runs up to 25 km/h.

The winner was Bevan Manson followed by the French Yannick Laousse and Benoit LeRoux, with a time of around 1h24m.

For the Nelo Team, the conclusion is that we need to work more on our routes, as without any opening boat both the 2 Dutch and Henrique Silva POR missed the island and faced the consequent disqualification, they were not alone as it was a common mistake among the field. Andre Santos led the pack trough the first turn and than went head to head with Bevan, but the choice of an inside line was a big mistake that costed an extra 1500 mt of catching up to the front French duo that in the meantime was in a direct line to the island. Bevan that had a bit of a lead and more outside line managed to recover the gap but Andre ended up in 5th place, around 2 min behind the winner.

A special mention for Team Rider Ben Brown that was suposed to be present but after facing all kinds of problems in getting here, had to pull out, but i am sure he will be back in full force in Dubai!

This was a great event, well done to all the organizers managing a race in the stormy conditions ( including more than a handful of rescues!) and their time window to perfection ( it could not have been any better), was an even harder challenge than finding that Island!

We look forward to see the official pictures and video.


Breizh Ocean Racing Day 1

Friday, 12-Nov-10 20:46:52 UTC

The rain and cold did not help the organizers and they stayed around for the 1st day of racing.

On the program was a qualifying race of about 800 mt, that helped the organizers to seed the field for sunday’s race, in total there will be 3 starts with 10 min interval and the best paddlers of today’s race will start last.

It was a fun day with some exciting racing building up to the big event on sunday, from the Nelo Team ( 2 from Portugal and 2 from Netherlands all will be in the last start on sunday.

Tomorrow the wind is suposed to be at gale force, still a small group training is scheduled for 10.00.

Check the Video from todays racing here


Breizh Ocean Racing

Thursday, 11-Nov-10 10:58:18 UTC

Winter in Europe has arrived, but it was not enough to cool down the enthusiasm around Ocean Racing, France presented the Challenge and Europe has answered!

The weather predictions could hardly be better.

Follow all info and results here


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