Summer Challenge 2010 - TV Report (Portuguese)

Monday, 27-Sep-10 19:15:34 UTC

NELO Summer Challenge 2010 in words

Tuesday, 14-Sep-10 21:27:55 UTC

What an event! We have no words but some of the guys have:

 «Thanks for having me at your event, it was AWESOME!!!!»  - Michele Eray (SA)

«The NELO Summer Challenge was amazing!!! Too much fun:) What a great event:)» - Bridgitte Hartley (SA)

«Nelo has really managed to take it to the next level!»  - Eirik Larsen (NOR)

«Awesome day had by all! Will struggle to find a better run race anywhere in the world!» - Kenny Wallace (AUS) ?

«The race and the organisation was fantastic, very professional.It was a great race and I am looking forward to next years already.»  - Tim Jacobs

«You really have an event to be very proud of!» - Mark Ressel (UK)

«Thanks again for a great race :D loloking forward until next year» - Martin Rosenkilde (DEN)

«Nelo put on one hell of a show today.» - Barry Lewin (SA)

It was an event fun for everybody but now you can go and find out about the stats on the race, see the speed and averages on the top 10, soon we will have the same for all the paddlers.

You can go and see it on Nelo TV

Or get lost in the Foto Gallery

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! See you back in 2011.


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