Racing lines comparison

Sunday, 29-Aug-10 16:31:29 UTC

The Summer Challenge site now provides a feature to see the different racing lines of the athletes (those who carried a GPS) during Race 001.

You can also replay it and compare the progress of the competitors.

Check it out


Brief Debrief Race 002

Sunday, 29-Aug-10 15:26:36 UTC

What a day! The weather was on our side again today, on a perfect summer day!

The morning saw some nice small runs, allowing the most and the less experienced to enjoy some relaxed competition with the predicted competitors progressing to the finals.

The line ups in the final were very impressive with many Australians and South African surf ski champions but also some high profile sprinters such as the Portuguese João Ribeiro (Silver medal in Poznan) and Ronald Rauhe from Germany (Olympic Champion), and in the girls the South African and Australian with a surf ski background against some of the best sprinters of the moment such as Teresa Portela POR and Rachel Cawthorn GB.

In the end it was all about South Africa with Jasper Mocke taking the win, he said after the race ” Very happy with this result, proving I still have some speed in me, and specially among such a strong field, there were 10 guys that could have won, thank god it was me”, and with that said he walked away with his 2000 Euros check! 2nd and 3rd went also to the surf ski background Aussie sprinters David Smith and Jacob Clear. Ronald Rauhe from Berlin a landlocked town, showed that he can battle with the best in the world in this kind of race, finishing in front of many surfski paddlers from Australia and South Africa.

In the girls Bridgitte Hartley stormed away to victory in front of Lani Belcher from GB (former Australian but with no ski background) and Michele Eray that prefers a bit longer races, and the first sprinter to the Portuguese Teresa Portela. Bridgitte said ” I used to be more into marathons but every year i feel faster, and it seems I can do it easily every year” ” It was a hard call to come over to this race, but I am stoked i made this decision, what a great event!)

The live streaming was on until more than 2500 viewers made it fall, but back online we broadcasted all over the world, the results are also on-line. Tomorrow starts the Nelo Summer Challenge 2011, see you all back next year!


Race 001 brief debrief

Friday, 27-Aug-10 18:51:51 UTC

Changing the start time, was without a doubt one of the best decisions made by the organizers.

After a mild morning the conditions turned into a 2 mt swell and 20 knots wind both lining up. making it nearly perfect conditions.

After the start on the beach, Ken Wallace and David Smith stormed to the Hotspot, with Wallace just taking Smith on the line. After that Tim Jacobs, Jasper Mocke and Jacob Clear joined in and were close together and even in the end of the 10 km they were not more 90 sec apart.

In the girls race Bridgitte Hartley took the hotspot, but than Michelle Eray, putted outther all her boat skills to voertake Bridgitte and Bernardette Wallace.

More of the video and GPS tracking will be on line tonight, as will do the interviews and first reactions.

Unfortunately live streaming did not cooperate with the conditions, but soon the video from the many cameras used for the coverage will be on line soon.

Back tomorrow for more and hopefully some on line live action.


Results for Race 001

Friday, 27-Aug-10 16:31:28 UTC

Dinner Nelo Summer Challenge 2010

Friday, 27-Aug-10 08:43:06 UTC

After practice… party!!


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