Prize Money published

Friday, 30-Jul-10 10:39:25 UTC

Acredittation for the Summer Challenge has now started

Thursday, 29-Jul-10 21:31:10 UTC


Press Presentation

Wednesday, 21-Jul-10 07:09:15 UTC

This afternoon the Nelo Summer Challenge was presented to the local press.

With the presence of the ICF Board Member Mário Santos, Portuguese Federation Vice President Jose Garcia, Póvoa de Varzim Vice President Aires Pereira and Nelo’s owner Manuel Ramos, it was a small ceremony where the race was described and intentions on making this a world reference event were reinforced.

It was presented a press guide (only in Portuguese) that cab be downloaded here (PDF)


New Ocean Ski Vintage

Monday, 12-Jul-10 07:46:39 UTC

The New Ocean Ski Vintage is now officially released, even tough some of our loyal customers already received the very first ones, it is now time to have it offfcially presented.

This new model could be resumed as:

1. An option for the less experimented paddlers, but that still look for performance;
2. Far from being a a learning boat in the traditional sense, it is a introductory boat that will allow the user to enjoy all the thrill of surfskiing.
3. A good adition to our line of ski’s until now only focused on the top end paddlers.

Feedback from the first users confirms our expectations, both in comfort and speed, as they could not feel any difference in speed but enjoyed the extra stability both in calm and rough conditions.

Soon we will also present the new Ocean Ski XXL, that will complete our first line of skis, in what is a solution for the over 85-90 Kg paddlers.


NELO Summer Challenge 2010 Course Preview

Thursday, 08-Jul-10 21:02:14 UTC


[Watch on Nelo TV]

A preview of the race course for the downind race.

The hot spot is actually 800mt into the race and not 3 km as stated.


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