Durban Race Report

Tuesday, 25-May-10 09:11:50 UTC

Apologies for this belated report. Things got a bit hectic, with Coaching Clinics in East London first thing Monday after the race, and then a few more in Port Elizabeth! The vibe in East London is amazing. The guys and
gals there just want to learn about paddling, and how they can improve!  So positive!

OK, the race. Basically I had a great battle with Nikki Mocke most of the way. I picked quite a shallow line, and I was gunning it,  enjoying the ever-increasing runs that where being generated by the improving wind conditions. Nikki started to follow my line, and I managed to open a nice gap on her. Then she went deep. I think that was great move on her part as I seemed to hit a lot of current head on! I managed to keep in the game for a while longer, but in the last few km’s, she got ahead, and I just couldn’t seem to get going. I was catching some fantastic runs, but think that the current was maybe just too strong. What a great race though, nice and tactical.

At this point in the year, with the amount of training I have done, I am pretty stoked with my fitness levels. There is still a whole year of racing ahead, and I am going to build into it this time around!

Next up is EP Marathon Champs this coming weekend,  and then SA Marathon Champs in Plett on the 12/13 June. July is looking quiet, a nice time to put some solid training in, as August is looking pretty exciting, maybe a US trip, and then Portugal for 2 races!

I have my new Nelo ski and Vanquish 3 K1. WOW! What amazing boats. Have been putting some time into the ski, and am loving the comfort of it. I can get a full rotation in, so my back is loving me! Even the Chiro agrees smile I will post some photo’s soon!

Also loving my New balance kit and shoes. New sponsors rock!

Thanks for all your continued support!

Kind regards,
Michèle Eray


New NELO Surfski website

Monday, 24-May-10 21:32:13 UTC

Our new skis have been in the market for just some months but the feedback and the
development has been moving forward at such a speed, that we considered important to
create a new website specialized and exclusively dedicated to this boat style.

In this new “tool” you will be able to meet some of our elite paddlers, design your
own ski and learn more about the development of the ski’s.
Stay tuned for more!


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