Nelo Summer Challenge 2009 Video

Friday, 25-Sep-09 09:11:12 UTC

Click on the link bellow and watch a 30 minutes video of Nelo Summer Challenge 09!


Wednesday, 02-Sep-09 14:19:24 UTC

So far we had a lot of positive feedbacks from the participants of Nelo Summer Challenge.
We decided to share them with you:

Thank you very much for everything. Me and my friends had such a Great time in Nelo Summer Challenge. We hope to participate every year!
Ekaitz, Spain

I would just like to say how much we all enjoyed the Summer Challenge, it was such a great event, and everyone at Nelo looked after us so well and were all such nice people. We are all already looking forward to next year.
David Green, UK

Last weekend i was in Portugal and competed in NELO summer Challange in surfski. A fantastic event and I had so much fun. Many thanks to Nelo for organising such a great event and the craziest afterpart ever with 50.000 people on the beach - good stuff!
Anders Gustafsson, Sweden

Jimmy Owens: is loving Portugal weather…! there is a good surf rolling for a change and no Atlantic fog to get lost in for a change.
Jimmy Owens, Autralia

Here I am, in Portugal, ready to compete in the Nelo Summer Challenge. Got my number painted on, looks pretty pro..The race will be a around 3min, start on the beach, paddle thru the waves, around two marks, surf on the waves and finish on the beach!
The best after party ever….I got 7th in the race and got 250 euros in prizemoney!
Eirik Larsen, Norway

Would you please convey our sincere thanks to all at Nelo and those involved in making the recent ski paddling event such a pleasurable experience.
The genuine Portugese hospitality coupled with the opportunity to paddle in the company of so many Olympians and world class canoeist made the event a truly unique experience, and one that i will treasure.
I feel priviledge and honoured to have been part of such a venture.
All those fom the UK that took part wish to express their thanks,
Colin Smith, UK

Just wanted to send you a quick message and say thanks to all of you for putting on such an amazing event.  We really enjoyed it and you looked after us so well!  We would love to come again next year (presuming you will have us back!)
Many many thanks
Mark Ressel, UK





Tuesday, 01-Sep-09 18:26:03 UTC

The balance of this event has left the more optimistic of us overwhelmed.

When we planned this event we expected to create a serious event, but at the same time it should run in a relaxed atmosphere, where some of the more talented paddlers in the world could show their quality, but still being challenged by not so well known paddlers. Something that does not happen normally, as for example to line up besides Ronald Rauhe or Tim Brabants you have to be the best in your country….

It all went as planned, the stars came, the nice guys as well!!

We had a full day of testing on friday, with a lot of swimming involved! And a nice dinner that broke even more the ice between all the competitors!

Next morning we had the heats, we made sure we had all kind of paddlers, for example:

1. Nelo himself opened the day by paddling in the first heat, he was not last!!
2. All the Nelo staff that can paddle a Kayak also did it (Joné, Chico, Andre and many others).
3. Jimmy Owens, Australian Coach and the man behind our Surf Ski addition.
4. José Garcia, the best Portuguese paddler of all times, and Portuguese Federation Vice President.
5. Mario Santos, Portuguese Federation President. (He actually made it to the final)....

And than the serious paddlers, with the most famous being:

1. 4 Olympic Champions (RRauhe, ELarsen, TBrabants, NJanic, KKovacs)
2. Anders Gustafson World Cup Winner
3. Olympic Silver Medalist Renee Poulsen
3. Ekaits Saez World Champion in the 4x 200 mt relay
4. Emilie Fournel Bronze Medal in the 4 x 200 mt relay
5. Our own Portuguese Flatwater Team
6. Strong contingent from experienced paddlers from the UK
7. A group of excited Basques!

All these mixed up to perfection!

The racing in the afternoon went exactly as planned and expected, the best paddlers were able to put on an effort and prove their value, Ekaitz, Rauhe and Silva were in the podium, but Eirik, Tim were also in the top 10, still luck is a part of it and Anders, Renee and Pimenta didn’t have any on their side.
In the girls Jenna Hawkey (GB - U23 Team Member) won, in front of Teresa Portela (Bronze in K4 200 and Bronze in K1 500 U23) and behind them a new Portuguese rising star only 15 years old, that profited from the 3 contenders for 3rd place all capsized in the same wave (JSousa; NJanic and KKovacs).

To close the racing day we had a relay race, were a random draw allocated a girl and 2 boys to each team, into a shorter 3 lap race, where everybody had a lot of fun, but of course there was also some prize money on the line, so they had fun while pushing their limits!

For mote details you can check the results

To close the day, entries to the biggest beach party in Europe, dancing to the sound of the best DJ’s in the world!! What a way to finish it!

Soon we will post more pictures and the HD quality video!

(in the picture the close fight for 2nd position in the men’s final on the right in yellow RRauhe and on the left in green ESilva)


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