Final Test Runs

Tuesday, 25-Aug-09 18:41:02 UTC

The boats are still in the Showroom, the difference is that now they are wet!

We had some hard runs, and hard landings on the sand but the boats did NOT suffer at all!!

They are ready for some heavy handling during the weekend!


Summer Challenge Live Streaming

Saturday, 22-Aug-09 07:52:40 UTC

Our 30 beautiful boats are ready and waiting for the race day! Check them out!

Don’t forget that you can test them the day before the race starts. We will be in the race venue from 10h to 13h and from 15h to 17h.

The accreditation will be done on friday also but if you can’t come on that day please arrive 1 hour earlier on the competition day.

We are also proud to annouce that we will have live streaming of the races in our website. There’s no excuse for the ones staying at home to miss out!


Only 2 weeks left

Friday, 14-Aug-09 07:49:50 UTC

There’s only 15 days left to the surf ski race of the year!

Yes, 15 days!

Check out our surf skis (that will be used in the race). They are now in our Showroom.




T- Shirts

Saturday, 08-Aug-09 09:09:06 UTC

We already have our t-shirt models ready.

On the photo you can see the 20 different colors we will have.
These colours will be also used for the boats.



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